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Till The End of Human Termination Month[Second] left.
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In Japan it's very famous gossip,this month is the human termination term.
Be careful to live without regrets.
But I never change from the last month...

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Let's Light Out

When you wish upon a star.
My junior at the Atronomy club,Hitoshi Takebe has entered upon a campaign.
This page is about the campaign, in which we propose that,
"At 17 November,From 21:00 To 22:00, shall be lighted out,and look up the stars"
In coming the term of "the Leo shooting stars" ,
wouldn't we remind the stars and the deep dark sky?
You can join our campaign only if you shall do so and tell this to your friends.
We also got the replyings from the various medias which we had approached.
A bulltin board is now available, you can discuss for free!
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